Animus Mortis

by Catacumba

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released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Fallen-Angels South Korea

Underground Extreme Metal

Fallen-Angels Productions from South Korea

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Track Name: Simon the Magus
In Samaria eyes desired the sacred paroxysm
A wizard Theurgist hungry for knowledge
Seeking HIS line of connection with the cosmical whole
Developed a conscious level of perception of different states of matter
An avant-garde alchemical one
His silver and gold sounded like heresy to the lambs
The bearers of the true negation of life
The bearer of the promise of postmortem
Those who spread indulgence disease where they stand
They tried to deny him, their intrinsic ability to fly
A coward white antimagick (they failed!)
Against his darkened willpower
Their followers tried to tarnish your story with the sands of time and Fallacy
Fire - the root of all things
Whore - Spouse of wisdom prostituted by sheep
Simon, the Magus - The Antagonist of christ
Simon, the Magus - By his willpower his feet do not touch the sandy soil
Simon, the Magus - The Antagonist of christ
Simon, the Magus - Give us the flight of Apostasy
Simon, the Magus - The Antagonist of christ
Simon, the Magus - Flying, He mocked the men on the ground
The invocation of itself has early
Desmystified skills, riding inner flames to guts
Chants are sung around him
Abnegation, they listened the muffled voice of delirium
Simon the Magus - The Antagonist of christ
Simon, the Magus - Unjust ones has written his legacy
Simon the Magus - The Antagonist of christ
Simon, the Magus - The Mind denying the heaven
A coward white antimagick (they failed!)
Against his darkened willpower
Their followers tried to tarnish your story with the sands of time Fallacy
Such are the Words!

"The story about Simon, the Magus revised! The quote is found in Acts 8, 9-24, in Jewish Fuckin’ Fairytale. The tentacles of his actions, this character always thirsty for knowledge, went further than his enemies advocated. Even today many insist in the conversion of the wizard. However, this evidence cannot be regarded as genuine since there are no notes that he shows repentance of his magic, but only his attempts to equate the others. They tried to tarnish their intrinsic ability to fly in all directions, with the sands of time and fallacy. They failed…"
Track Name: Mnemosyne
Cultivating the logos under the shroud of death
An epiphany writes itself such as bloody remembrance
Beholding two rivers, an arrogant choice.
Immerse yourself in an indulgent oblivion
or carry the burden of earthly saga
learning on the gold plates.
To drink my own black blood and water
Through a divine mask of flesh
Our race's greatness screams by the forgotten titan's blood
We worshiping our deeds, mutilated the signs
Perennial cycles of undivine manifestation
spread through rituals the semen of knowledge over the soil
When the timeless words are heretic ejaculations against theistic aridity
Gathered for a rite on primordial balance of darkness
Contemplating the inner seditious gods proliferation
feeding my soul with the suffering of the ages.
I draw an Epiphany through the soil to the inferior worlds
The Unreal existential sipping water from this source of mankind's blood
Travelling on uterus of the dead, I reborn among words of old ones
Removing the veil of clouds and spitting on the face in the sky
Proselytism and evil signs, Lamentations from the sky,
the honor means necro osculum and coins,
in the ethereal hands ancient prophecies are dying…
Enthroning the grey void inside me, Oblivion is my art!
Pan-dimensional creature in the sacred water, atoning itself
Between live and death, it reigns in secular books
Writing the empty gods upon the cadaver of natural spawn
The son of immemorial entities, the father of the old ones
The memory revenge, the antagonist of the worms
Leave me Mnemosyne near of my doom!

"A Titan of Remembrance. A fountain of the River of the Dead which opposes ‘Lethe' on the underworld, in Greek Cosmogony. The Orphic and Eleusinian cult beginners had gold plates with instructions teaching how to get that fountain and quench their 'postmortem’ thirst and never drink from the fountain of Lethe, which is the forgetfulness. Its wealth was the mouth of Dionysus represented by a mask and its mysteries."
Track Name: Smoky God
The tail of the hungry serpent
Inside the globe, it guides those who deny the surface
Sons of Elohim, giant ones housed below the ground
The blackened mist flies free in the heart of existence
Anunnakku spread semen on mortal's vagina
The Lord of the lamentations
The Lord of the decomposed ones
That is He Who fears the name.
That is the master of Erebus
Heading north, the entrance of the abyss
Smiling at us with open throat
In the bowels of the earth,
The Smoky contemplates the ancient race that worships him
The owner of cold blood
Above the magma soil
Unfathomable dark
The Lord of the unfathomable dark
The Lord of the glacial revelations
That is He who breathes fire by volcanoes
That is the substratum of Gaia
Giant priests chant their dark glory
The black pollen in the polar air announces its presence
The altar inside the world is done
Oceanic demons guarding the concave doorway of your home
Underestimated unseen one
Refrain the urge

"It analyzes the nuances of the ‘hollow earth theory’ and its enigmatic ‘smoky god’. It refers to the inner perfection – illustrated by ‘perfect beings’ who live there – and the intestine murky darkness to Homo Sapiens. As the tortuous saga to reach this realm, which for some is heaven or hell, so is the self-discovery advocated in the Delphic Oracle portico. Annunaki is a race of inferior beings in Mesopotamian Cosmogony."
Track Name: Omega Chalice
Forsaken by hands under the pentagram
Gathered by the Worshippers, sacred symbol bleeds,
It is praying to the void truth
The tunes echoes the song for my death,
ripping me the armor, my mirror mask
I've been listening the unnatural musick,
seeing myself into the red eyes
Among the goat beards
From the sacrificial rite
From the perfect flute
From the water of Styge
From the Omega Vagina
From the entropic Alpha
From the nameless one
From the bless of moon
From Eternal Silence
From the Omega Vagina, the Death's chalice
Sucking the menstrual fluids, burning in pleasure
Spitting the darkened ghosts inside me against life's veil
Buried voices claim the bestial sun and its returns
Pictures in time, dusts on the hands of the Omega Chalice
The highest moral's color drains the enchantress song to the endless light
Darkness always prevails over light, the intruder through the aeons
From the mystified graveyards,
the sleepers has chosen, their eyes will not see
Riding iron horses, the anti-human paladins spread bones
and blood upon the altar of emptiness
Claiming a negative storm for blackened souls to bath themselves in entropy
The last musick played by hands under the shadows of pentagram
Dead Trees embracing my body, frozen blood in my veins
Chosen between the serpents, I am
Singing the obscure notes in the eternal night
drowned in transcendental symbols
Borned from the poisoned soil, my teeth spread the acid Monochord
The winds of Oblivion

"In many cosmogonies, the ‘chalice’ is the meaning of life. In our text, it's obvious that it carries the sense of omega womb. Along, it implies the music as transcendent. The convergence of various pagan symbols with interior lift through musicality. It suggests an unique way that tunes the mind with music and math sentences. It uses allegories like the ‘Pythagorean Monochord’ and the ideas of the serpentine wise master."
Track Name: Temple of Bones
In its corridors, an axiomatic statuette about the death receives you
The smile of death becomes itself the door of the final revelation
Only way for rest of this meaningless life
No god remains here
Faith does not enter in the abode of the dead
Congregation of skulls chant the words of invocation
Putrid xenoglossy emanating from the disembodied
Hypnotized dialect comes from the mouths devoid of tongues
The song sung by the abyss, with the gaping maw that waits in eager
The residence of the dead keeps the gateway between the worlds
Where the tentacles of the abyssal timeless realities
Float on the surface sea from hidden knowledge
Contemplate the death
The unpalatable abyss that reflects itself
I was reborn naked flesh,
and realized I am a member of the temple of bones
and gods will not lacerate my corpse,
I am an ungod digging my fate in the soil of words
Why Does It Never dies on the sun?
Whisper the following words of phantoms of my nightmares
Destroyers for the black pit,
Created a subrace worship creatures of stone
Sons of an idol that died to
be adored
So many pathways to be followed
and only one destination, the grave
Never ask a death, where lives their bones
Words drowned in the river of memory
Tell us, why the evidence of my existence causes pain?

"All beings have their place of rest and reflection that conventionally termed them as ‘home’. With DEATH would be no different .There, in the residence of the dead, the rotten xenoglossy hypnotizes and merges with the void left by the absence of god."
Track Name: Procreation of Hades
I invoke Thee, the Terrible and Invisible Force
Who dwellest in the Void Place of the Spirit
Tis the Lord of the Gods
Tis the Lord of the Universe
Tis He whom fears the winds.
This is He, Who having made Voice by his Commandment,
is Lord of All Things, King Ruler and Helper.
I am He! the Bornless Spirit!
I am He! Having sight in the Feet
I am He! Strong and the Immortal Fire!
I am He! The Truth
I am He! Who hate that weakness should be
I am He! Wrought in the World!
I am He! That lighteneth and thundereth
I am He! From whom is the Shower of the death of Earth:
I am He! Whose mouth ever flameth:
I am He! The Begetter and Manifester
I am He! Unto the darkness:
I am He! The disgrace of this World
I am He! I am He! I am He!
In underground I contemplate the true fate of all
Sitting in my throne, ages come and go by my eyes
Ravish the thirsty ones from light to the darkened fog of death

"Self-descriptive name. It mentions the horde and our idea of terrorism as well as our model Goetic invocation. The claim of being ‘He’ is an arrogant way of showing death as omnipresent, natural and musical. Below the ground, the revelation forever lurks in the darkest side of mind."